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Stanford 2012 Math League Contest Testimonials

Below is a sample of feedback, letters and emails we received about the 2012 Stanford Math League Contest. We look forward to your feedback! If you have any feedback of your own, please email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(some feedback has been edited to remove names or for brevity)

Hello, Dan

Thank you for all your time, effort in accomplishing such a great event. My son, Markab  not only enjoys the competition but also loves the stay in the camp.  Thanks again.



Thank you and the rest of the Math League / Standford team for organizing such a wonderful tournament.  Fred had a tremendous experience and made a lot of new friends over the course of the program.

In terms of future tournaments, I was wondering whether Math League will consider rotating among different locations to attract the returning participants.  Another thing to consider will be to extend the program to more than one week.  Fred obviously felt that one week was too short and he wished that the tournament could have been longer.

Overall this first national tournament is a great success.  Thank you again for allowing Fred to participate as a 5th grader.  Kind regards,

Yidan (Fred's Mom)


Thanks again.  You guys did a great job.

You are far beyond me on the math questions, but I think it was appropriate for the students you chose.  Similarly, I think the choice of lecture topics gave a lot of background to these kids.  The only thing that I might suggest is to have a couple more lectures on topics where math is “applied” to another field—economics/game theory, actuarial sciences, operations research, investing/risk, etc.  Easy for me to suggest, but not as easy for you to execute, so feel free to use or discard these thoughts.

Also, there are some “summer camp fairs” where you may want to have a physical presence to let people know about the program—maybe by turning the schedule/pictures from this year into more of a brochure?  It might also serve as another advertising vehicle for your contests.

Best Regards,


Hi Dan,

Thank you for all the courses and programs you organized this year at Stanford University. I had a really wonderful time at the program.

It has been a privilege for me to attend the final contest, I would wish to come back some day.

And especially thanks for all the books that you signed for me. They are also very special to me because of Steve's and your signature.

Would you say thanks to Steve for me?

Thank you again and see you some day!

From Patrick.

Dear Dan,
Wouldn't it be more fun if you hold next year's program in Beijing, China? That way, the participants from North America and from Europe will get a chance to explore China.
By the way, thanks for giving me a chance to visit the Stanford Campus. I had a great time there.
Best regards,

Dan, thank you very much to everyone for great program and your help with everything!

Michael enjoyed it a lot and is looking forward to come next year again!


Hello Dan,

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous program you and a few very special others put together for our children this summer.  Keaton had the time of his life at Stanford this summer and came away with a deeper and richer appreciation for math, its applications, and the wonderful people, both younger and older, who inspired him and shared his love of math.  Everything was top notch, from the lectures to Rick Sommer and his dedicated, enthusiastic staff.  The food, lodgings, surroundings, and facilities were beyond compare in Keaton's estimation.  He told me that Stanford is where he would like to attend on a more permanent basis some day.  He was very sad to leave and felt a strong sense of belonging and a deep sense of affinity for the other students.
It was wonderful to finally get the opportunity to meet you in person!!  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life and schedule to make the trip to California.  It was quite a thrill for Keaton and me to see you in real time.

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you with my gratitude for what you made possible, but it seems it has been very hectic with school and work starting.  I want to convey my sincere appreciation for what you and your colleagues did to make the tournaments and the learning situations such a rewarding time for my son.  Now that we've had some time to reflect on the time spent at Stanford, Keaton and I feel it was a truly amazing experience, and one he will never forget.

Thank you again and I wish you and your family all the best for the year ahead.  Please keep us posted on your future mathematical endeavors!

With warm regards,

Keaton, Nancy, and Randy Ollech